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Dermapen Microneedling

The skin is a remarkable organ and with the technique of creating vertical microchannels in the dermis layers, we trigger a healing response from the skin to actually repair and trigger collagen production deep within the skin cells.

Dermapen micro-needling implements precise micro needles and utilises the best products to ensure positive and visible results, for a range of skin treatments, be that the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles to skin smoothing, resurfacing and pigmentation reduction, along with a more clinical approach to dealing with active acne and past acne scaring. Below is a diagram showing the advantage of using vertical channels over older techniques like inaccurate dermal rollers, thus resulting in less down time and better overall healing. A relatively pain free and advanced skin treatment delivered by trained therapists.

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Dermapen Treatments

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Commonly known as collagen induction therapy. Skin brightening or Blemish reduction. To produce a more even and blemish free surface.

Scar Reduction - Needling will reduce and improve on old surgical scarring, post-acne scarring and have a significant effect even on stretch marks.

Skin Tightening - In difficult areas such as the neckline and decolletage needling will reduce the appearance of tired and wrinkled skin.

Acne Treatment - Needling activates the skin cells and prevents acne form spreading.

All Dermapen treatments are subject to consultation and suitability, please feel free to ask us about any concerns you may have.

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  • (£89 per treatment)
  • Six Treatment Bundle


  • (£84 per treatment)

Microneedling & Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy typically employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homoeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into subcutaneous fat layers of the skin, however we combine the specific choice of products to suit your treatment, this coupled with the benefits of microneedling delivers the gold standard in skin enhancement, without the need for deep injections or treatment discomfort.

Age-defying and regenerative, industry dermaceutical products are used to match your individual therapy.

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Microneedling & Chemical Peel


The action of beta hydroxy acid BHA salicylic acid has a potent exfoliation anti-inflammatory action which is similar to that of azelaic acids action AZA

Thanks to the specific organic acids used their concentration in combination with the pH of the peeling products as well as the targeted application protocols, the Amerson Mesopeel series is superior when it comes to meeting the needs and addressing the problems of different skin types.

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